Path Of Exile Build 3.5 : 50K ARMOUR – tonic (Crit Tectonic Slam) Juggernaut Build + VIDEO GUIDE 3M+ DPS


+safe across most content.
+6000 HP with 1k Leech and 1k (18%) Life Regen
+stupidly tanky against phys damage with 60000 Armour (Mathil’s build has 23k)
+fantastic AOE
+insane Uber Lab farmer, AFK Izaro fights
+great bosskiller too, because *wink* CRIT and over 2+ Million Shaper DPS.
+you don’t need xoph’s blood


-Weak to Elemental damage outside of Endurance Charges
-Hard to Balance Resists
-Getting to 10 Endurance Charges is expensive (2x Kaom’s Way, +1 Kaom’s Roots)
-End-Game Bosses (Shaper/Uber Atziri/Uber Elder) require precision and understanding as well as solid skills and a good eye to watch your Endurance Charges and buffs. 

 Ascendancy :

Unfliching, Unyilding (SC) / Unrelenting (HC), Undeniable, Unbreakable

Bandits :

Alira or Kill All

Path of building:

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