Path Of Exile Build 3.5 : CheeQu’s CoC Ice Nova Assassin – Up to 7m Shaper DPS + Amazing Clearspeed


◈ Help AliraKill Oak and Kraityn. From this we get Critical Strike Multiplier, some Elemental Resistances and Mana Regeneration – all of which are very much needed for this build.

◈ Major GodLunaris. Offers useful Physical Damage mitigation and Movement Speed through packs. I also recommend upgrading this god as it offers Dodge and Chance to avoid projectiles.

Solaris is the best defensive option against end-game bosses like Shaper, Elder, Mastermind, Guardians etc. Definitely upgrade this as well when possible.

◈ Minor GodGruthkul. More Physical Damage mitigation. Upgrading this god also reduces enemies’ Attack Speed when they hit you by 8% (quite a lot!).

Garukhand can be a good alternative for mapping after upgrading it for 6% Movement Speed.

Yugul can also be used against encounters involving Cold Damage such as Elder or Shaper.

Path Of Buiding :

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